Data Rover File Auditor

Data Rover’s File Auditor

Who did exactly what, from where and when!


Data Rover's file auditing system is an important and powerful tool for monitoring user and administrator activity on company shared folders and files on Windows based file servers. The system allows you to accurately track all the operations performed, such as the creation, modification or deletion of a file or folder, by whom and when. Furthermore, thanks to our IP address tracking Data Rover identifies the location from where the action was performed.


The use of the file auditing system is essential for the security of company data. If one suspects a user(s) has tampered with a file(s) the File Auditing system provides the complete information necessary to check that hypothesis. It can also be used to detect any abnormal user behaviour, such as repeated changes to sensitive files or folders in the organisation.


The information provided by Data Rover can be used to identify any violations of the company's data privacy policy and take the necessary measures to prevent future events from recurring. Access to and use of Data Rover's File Auditing is limited exclusively to authorised company personnel.

You want the proof? We give it to you!

File Auditor is not a soft help. It gives you the proof that something was done. Right or Wrong, it's not important...


Your data, your success.

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