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What is Data Rover™?

Data Rover™ is the solution for managing and securing user-generated data on any File System.

We help you uncover the junk and examine valuable, and probably delicate, data information on your “Planet”, or in the Cloud! With this knowledge and our expertise you have the power to decide and do.

Let us help you by discovering and taking full control over what you have... or, didn’t know you had! Let us also help you identify hidden threats within your organization and then define preventive measures against further vulnerability. Let us show you on how to keep an eye on user behavioral patterns.

Data Rover™ bridges the gap between user data and content management, data security and infrastructure.
One really powerful dynamic solution for your business.

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Data Rover™ Dashboard

The Data Rover™ Dashboard gives you an immediate view of how users are working with corporate data within the monitored environment.
The Security Change Rate chart lets you easily identify potential issues in the data security area.

Who needs Data Rover™?

Data Rover™ is totally corporate and scalable to fit your organizational and security requirements whatever the size or business segment you are in.

Data Rover™ knowledge + Data Rover™ software + Data Rover™ brand
Next Generation Business Data Control

Practically almost all organizations that need to manage and secure their assets...

Your File System contains critical business data and sensitive information that is the fruit of thousands of hours of work. It also contains old, redundant and perhaps also useless data. On the other hand a data theft, loss and corruption, if left unprotected leads to downtime and service disruption. Downtime is extremely costly not just from the technical point of view but undoubtedly has a huge business impact. The only solution is to take control by protecting and administering the user’s activities on the file systems.

All organizations want to be heroes in their business segment...

...but the more data you have, the less control you have, and then the more risk you have.

Why YOU need Data Rover™?

Data Rover™ is your vehicle to:

  • Understand what data you have, where it is, and who has the right to access to it.
  • Identify Dark Data and Dark Security within your organisation.
  • Apply intelligent and advanced data management policies.
  • Control and track user generated data and content.
  • Monitor File System changes over time.
  • Achieve regulatory Compliance for SOX, HIPPA, PCI, GDPR, GLB, FERC/NERC.
  • Help enforce a “least privilege” model.
  • Discover and fix insecure file access rules.
  • Backtrack and identify and prevent data leakage and abnormal user behavior.
  • Screen the data that you allow into your organization.
  • Distinguish data types for legal compliance, governance, age, redundancy.
  • Back-up and restore ACLs of your files and folders.
  • Highlight the dark areas of your Business Data and take action.