Yes, Data Rover wants You!

A Win for ALL!

Data Rover offers a truly exciting and inviting Partner Program. 

It’s a win-win-win rule for us that we totally believe in.

Win for Data Rover Users, Win for Data Rover Partners and Win for Data Rover Company.

Not only do we strive in winning but we also believe in enjoying our work and making it profitable for all around.

100% channel oriented

Data Rover’s business is run 100% based on our exclusive channel program. We train and we assist our Partners in setting you up within the right scope that fits your technical and business skills for your organisation. We guarantee pre and post-sales support to you and your customers and we build and collectively consolidate the relationship between us all.

Satisfaction is a must for everybody.

​Interested in learning more about the Data Rover Channel Partner Program?

Partner Program

About our Partner Program

We divide our program into levels of involvement. The more involved you are the more you win. Our program is based on having understood that the foundation of anything in business is an honest and open human relationship with quality service throughout the delivery. We want you to succeed and enjoy working together with us. So to do that we created a channel Partner Program that makes sense in today’s world.

Who are we looking for?

Organisations that have technical expertise in IT security, data management or storage. Organisations that deliver services or solutions to help their customers optimise and take control and care of their IT infrastructure and their valuable data and valuable users! Data Rover solutions are for any file system for any size of organisation that has users that generate or save data to the file system. We are looking for partners that want to help their customers to benefit and be heroes in their business segments! Data Rover gives you solutions you can either sell or deliver your services with.

Find out how to become a Data Rover Partner!

Managed Service Providers

Is part of your business dedicated to delivering quality IT services to your client set?

Do you want to expand your services to cover the sensitive and delicate areas of data management: Ensuring your clients are protecting, and have better control over their data assets.

Do you want to underline the importance to your clients that proper data management is the key to success!

Fact: (60% of SMBs after a data breach close after 6 months). 

Every customer has different set-ups and requirements. We work with you and help you address those issues. 

​Teamwork is the key to success. 
Join us.

Public Sector Partners

The Data Rover Public Sector Partner (DR PSP)

A totally NEW addition to the Data Rover Partner program aimed at the world’s Public service organisations. 

Do you deliver services to? 

Any of the ministries or government bodies, County and City councils, Agriculture, Educational Authorities, R&D centres, Employment and Unemployment Offices, Environmental Authorities, Housing, Cultural Heritage, Healthcare, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Postal Services, Public Transport, State-owned Energy companies, Public Financials, Justice, Law enforcement, Defence, National security, Tax authorities, Pensions and Social Administration, Water Authorities, Food and Drugs, Motorways, Forestry, and so on?

Data Rover offers pre-approved organisations that are specific to the Public sector, and/or government-owned enterprises (GOE) or state-controlled (SOE), the opportunity to adopt Data Rover’s software under bespoke and exclusive licencing and economic conditions. 

The Reasoning behind our special program


The purpose of the Data Rover Public Sector Program is to allow these organisations easier and faster access to specialised software. State-of-the-art technology significantly improves IT security, infrastructure management, and overall communication and administrative costs. As a direct by-product, we also reduce the world’s carbon footprint by considerably reducing the time taken in identifying and resolving issues.

Data Rover drastically removes financial obstacles. The faster the organisation is secured from real and/or potential discontinuity, vulnerability, breach or reputational damage thus ensures better, and safer service delivery to the public. Data Rover has a keen interest in assisting the world’s public sector organisations.

How can I qualify to become a Data Rover Public Sector Partner?

The World’s Public Services deserve all the help they can get, to help us ALL!

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