Our Roots

Founded in 2016 as an Italian/UK joint venture. Privately funded. 
From SMBs to Enterprise-class customers Europe-wide proves we are highly scalable.

Our Mission

Any company in the world that considers its data as a valuable asset and fundamental to its success and existence needs Data Rover, be it for an emerging company to a giant corporate.

Advanced User Data and Security Management for any Data-Driven Organisation

Your data, your success.

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The Founders 
and Management Team

We carefully distinguish passion from business.

Each of Data Rover’s founders have a high level of expertise and experience in our individual skill sets. Teamwork is natural and integrating, we compliment each other to form a very close and powerful bond.


Head of Sales and Business Development Head of BD and Co-Founder

37 years in enterprise IT, 68 million USD sold world-wide. Focused on data management and security software as both vendor and distributor. Skilled in both direct and indirect sales. 
Expert in team and channel management and multi-cultural environments.  

Gabriele Marini

​Head of Research & Development
CTO and Co-Founder

Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. 
23 years in design and development of state-of-the-art web based enterprise software 12 of which as pioneer and executive product manager for high-end industrial software solutions now being used world-wide.

Luca Pallanti

Head of Technical Support & Deliver
Field CTO and Co-Founder

24 years in delivering enterprise IT services to Fortune 500 companies. 
Specialisation in complex infrastructure management, security and software support. Highly skilled in managing, coordinating and enhancing technical support teams.

Leonardo Zanus

Head of Strategy and Execution
CEO and Co-Founder

23 years in IT, 9 of which as Enterprise Architect, 14 as Entrepreneur and MD. 
Expertise in complex systems design, technology innovation and business opportunity development. Excellence in IT technology, communication, relationship building and strategizing.

​Data Rover - the Brand

The brand says it all

Like all “rovers”, Data Rover has a scientific and business mission to accomplish

Go over the terrain

Collect the data

Determine whether the environment is hospitable or not

Then exploit and deliver!


Data Rover plays a key role in busine​ss asset protection and corporate data management policy definition.


Data Rover delivers vital data information extremely quickly and directly to IT managers who can then make accurate, strategic and educated decisions. 
Data Rover also allows one to share information in and out of the organisation easily and safely.

The knock-on effect is truly EXPONENTIAL.

Immense amount of: Time saved, Energy saved, Assets saved, Jobs saved, Environment saved and of course Money saved.

Ultimately and Undeniably EVERYBODY benefits.