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Pricing and Licencing

We made it simple, yet versatile

You choose the model that best fits your organisation and requirements.

There are 4 models:

​Perpetual Lifetime Licence

​Subscription Licence

​Managed Service Provider (MSP) Licence

​Service Catalogue

Our licensing model can be started using an entry level, but fully functional: Data Rover™ Foundation Licence based on capacity and number of users. This makes it easy for both small or large organisations to benefit. 

You can work your way upwards deploying our solution either right across the organisation or just departmentally. It's dead simple to install and it never times out.

The Licence is 100% cross-platform - be it Microsoft® Windows® Server, HP®, EMC® or NetApp® NAS.

The traditional Perpetual and Subscription Licences are calculated by the capacity of the storage device and the number of users that need to be monitored/managed.

MSP Licence are calculated only by the number of users that need to be monitored/managed whatever the number of companies being managed.

Service Catalog. Ask for our snapshot services.

Whatever model you choose, our software updates automagically to the latest releases or versions. It really is so simple and so affordable.

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Licencing explained

Perpetual Licence

Life-time Licence agreement, valid for specific software versions and editions. One or more year(s) maintenance (MnS) contract are required.

Subscription Licence

Time-limited Licence agreement that expires after 1 year (Annual Subscription) or 3 years (3-year Subscription). Renewals must be executed before the anniversary date and not after.

Upon expiry of the time-limited Licence Data Rover™ software will shut down and freeze. See Licence & Support types sheet for more details.

Maintenance and Support (MnS)

The Data Rover™ Maintenance and Support Agreement (MnS), if kept current, delivers to the customer the right to all major and minor versions of the Data Rover™ Foundation and Corporate Licence with phone and email support during the validity period.

Renewals must be executed before the anniversary date and not after. Upon expiry of the MnS contract, Data Rover Ltd will not deliver any support and should the user intend to re-apply they will either need to pay a 5% surcharge penalty re-instatement fee over and above the maintenance support and renewal fee if done within 60 days from the expiry date; or 35% of the then current end user price list if executed after the 60th day.

The MnS contract reactivation is allowed up to 120 days after expiration. Then, the customer can only buy a Licence upgrade. 

In this case please contact us.

Professional services

Available remote or on-site technical support.

Upgrade Protection and New Versions

In order to obtain new Versions we recommend you to buy Data Rover™ with Upgrade Protection under a Maintenance and Support (MnS) contract. You will be then entitled to have Security Updates, Version hotfixes and Version upgrades so long as your agreement is current.

Depending on whether you purchase a Perpetual, Subscription, or MSP Licence matters. Perpetual Licence with a current MnS agreement gives you Version upgrades, but if the annual or multi-year agreement isn’t renewed you will not be entitled to version upgrades and support. The product will remain static.

The Perpetual Licence never expires. The annual or multi-year subscription Licence automatically includes all Version upgrades.

The Subscription Licence also never expires but when the Subscription Contract expires, Data Rover™ keeps collecting data even if the reports and product features are not accessible until the contract is renewed. 

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