Trial License

Let’s start by taking you for a “data-walk” across your organization!
The following six simple steps describe how we introduce you to our solution. This way  you get some reality on what to expect.
Step 1: Examine the Data Rover Solution Data Sheet. Understand the objective, the technology and the licensing model.
Step 2: Describe your environment to us and what you are interested in achieving either via mail or by giving us a call or contacting one of our Partners.
Step 3: Book an on-line walk-thru introductory presentation with one of our system engineers. It lasts from 45 mins to 1 hour and then play with the online simulator.
Step 4: Request a 15 or 30-day Trial limited function license. With our Partner we will support you in the setup phase.
Step 5: Discuss with one of our system engineers about doing a Proof of Concept and once concluded with a detailed report go to the final step.
Step 6: Well, that’s easy… Just Buy it! We organize the training and configuration settings with you.
Six easy steps to getting you on your mission to learn more about the Dark Data and Dark Security in your organization and then take full control.

We promise to enlighten you!