Global and efficiency solution for both, users and administrators

The Corporate Storage is the space that is intended to store files related to the business. This corporate data files are saved in very different formats and, on the other hand, usually structured information is stored in databases”.

The growth of information stored and the need to manage it make it imperative for companies to have a policy of Corporate User Data Storage, governing the rules of use, and is fully integrated with business needs, with cost optimization and also get users to make efficient use of Corporate Storage. 

A Corporate User Data Storage Policy must meet the following goals:

Ensure the principles of performance, accessibility and availability of the Corporate Storage.
Promote proper and responsible use of corporate resources.
Protect the integrity of the information and convenience of its contents.

But it doesn’t help if only a Corporate Policy Storage is on place. Additionally the Corporation will need:

 Distributes and communicates this Policy among its workers.
Gives them the tools so that they can keep it.

Data Rover-User Data Control provides the technology that will enable companies to comply with all points of the User Data Storage Policy.

With Data Rover-UDC  you can:
Have a communication channel to publish, distribute and update your User Data Storage Policy.
Provide users with detailed information of the storage assigned to it.
Provide tools to enforce the User Data Storage Policy.

Data Rover UDC creates a suitable collaborative environment which allows consciousness to the Corporation and its employees, provides a channel of communication and facilitates the implementation of the User Data Storage Policy, making the information stored would be relevant to the business. It is the solution that helps

Users, by providing information and tools to accomplish it.

Area Managers, reporting changes in their department.

CIOs, affecting storage costs and IT efficiency.

Financial departments, optimizing investment budgets.

Ultimately, the integration of Data Rover UDC in different departments impact on the overall profit of the business.

BENEFITSData Rover UDC allows you to identify and minimize risks of stored user data, reducing operational and financial costs, establishes a culture of safety and helps for the compliance with legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements. It prevents storage capacity unnecessarily overloaded.

In response to financial and budgetary.

Reducing operating and financial costs.

Helping to allocate storage budgets efficiently.

Optimizing storage resources, direct and indirect, such as the backup or time management administrators.

In response to security and legality.

Identifying and minimizing risks of stored data.

Establishing a safety culture, helping compliance with legal, contractual, regulatory requirements and business.

Getting the stored information is relevant to the business.

In response to storage optimization.

It prevents the storage capacity unnecessarily overloaded.

In response to communication channel and processes.

Establishing a communication channel with users, facilitating the implementation of the User Data Storage Policy.

Creating an appropriate collaborative environment that allows consciousness to the Corporation and its employees.