Key features

DATA ROVER-USER DATA CONTROL is a customized web interface tool through which users can see the data they store and User Data Storage Policy on the ability of the Corporation has made ​​available.

Through Data Rover UDC users have at their fingertips the information of ...

the quota status, from technologies such as Northern Storage Suite, FSRM or NetApp, that companies can take to proactively control storage growth. Provides information not only in terms of available capacity, but also other important parameters, such as larger files, obsolete files, duplicates, etc.. From here you can take actions like deleting duplicate files.

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Support for NetApp quota systems, Microsoft File Server Resource Manager and Northern Storage Suite

Support Windows network shares

Active Directory Integration

Cost information

Information permissions (ACLs) on resources User

User Profiles: reports (online or offline)

Dynamic reports for department heads and administrators

Recording user activity

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Areas of application

Depending on which is the most critical area for your business can start installing Data Rover UDC with other storage management technologies or individually. For example:

If storage state is saturated we can buy more storage, more hardware, or implement a technology like NFO, allowing us to optimize our unstructured at an average around 50% storage. Thus, from one day to another we have freed space in our cabins.

If we want to limit the space that the corporation makes available to the user, so that it cannot reach a storage saturation, the solution is to implement a quota technology, as Northern Storage Suite. Take for example the business case COPRECI, S. COOP, which controls the growth of your data stored on their servers with this technology, or the UNIVERSITY NEBRIJA, which optimizes their storage investment.

If our criticality lies more in knowing that my business data and rule them up, then we must begin by technology reports on the current storage.

User activity log

Regulatory compliance and analytical forensics has become an essential requirement for IT departments. Therefore Data Rover UDC keeps track with the trace of the activity carried out by the user from Data Rover UDC , in addition to other systems events. From the Data Rover UDC configuration console, the administrator can query on user activity, filtering by various criteria, such as event type, date range, users, resources, actions, etc. If a user deletes files, you can know which user has done, what date, what files were deleted, etc. 
Administrator could:

  • Export the Activity Log to Excel or PDF.
  • Select the type of events they want to register.
  • Purge automatically depending on the timing of events
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ACL permissions control on resources

Controlling access permissions on resources is called ACL (Access Control List). It is a list of access to resources that normally applies to the directory level. The files stored in that directory inherit the permissions. These ACLs show the NTFS permissions on resources. We must distinguish between NTFS permissions and share permissions as effective access to resources is a mixture of both. ACLs only show the NTFS permissions and is the subject of this  Data Rover  functionality. Due Regulations, Compliance and Data Protection Low, in some companies, on some resources and for some users, it is vitally important to show who has access to resources, or to certain resources. By configuring  Data Rover UDC , through the customization to the user, the administrator can select which user group they will provide information to ACLs on resources.


The Real Effective Permissions Solution


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