Key features

Discover how DATA ROVER EP will make your life easier

Real Effective Permissions

Are you absolutely sure that the information given to you by Explorer's "Effective Permissions" represents the maximum allowed rights for a User or Group? If you answer is No, you should read more and start worrying. But take action!

By calculating the set ACL at all levels, DATA ROVER EP can easily tell you the Exact and Real Effective Permissions applied to a file or a folder.

There is just no other way to get this information other than by using our solution.

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Access Control, At a Glance!

Do you think that Access Control reports for Files and Folders should not be Nerd-readable only?

Stop wasting time with out-of-date NT-style output! Folder and File permissions can be easily explored thanks to the DATA ROVER EP Treeview interface.

Just select a User or Group and click the Treeview button: the colour codes will automagically point you to ACL conflicts across file system trees.

Time-shift Technology 

Did you ever need to know who the owner of a file is or was?
What happens if a confidential Company file were to be moved to a new path? Would you be able to track it and move it back to its original position and secure it?

DATA ROVER EP tracks ALL file changes in time and keeps differential records of both File System and Security Objects.

DATA ROVER EP Time-shift Technology allows you to navigate across time to analyze file and folder properties. Just select the date and see your file system point-in-time report!

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Centralized Management, Distributed Technology

DATA ROVER EP is a web-based smart application: computing and storage tasks are distributed across the nodes to make everything run slick and smooth.

The core technology of this system is the DATA ROVER EP virtual appliance. It hosts the central database, the web interface server and the Business Intelligence engine.

Lightweight and hypersmart agents can be installed in a few clicks by connecting to the Web-console. All tasks are Easy and Intuitive.

Last but not least our Passion for details

DATA ROVER EP ultra-modern technology makes it stand out.

  • No pain no harm. DATA ROVER EP auto-adjusts and safeguards File Server resources.
  • DATA ROVER EP probes into CPU, memory, network and storage usage statistics for finer tuning and faster problem resolution.
  • Expert tuning: system administrators will definitely enjoy fine-tuning the agents by changing up to 14 parameters .. everything can be done from the web-based central console!

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Security, the optimum way

All communication between the DATA ROVER EP server and the managed agents are encrypted and secured.

No more time needs to be spent on reconfiguring firewalls!
The DATA ROVER EP server is a bulletproof virtual appliance that only needs the HTTPS/443 network port to communicate with its managed agents.

Deploy in minutes, Manage ..too 

We know your time is valuable, so we created the easiest and fastest deployment technology for you! DATA ROVER EP comes in a ready-to-use virtual appliance with a single-click agent installation.

DATA ROVER EP deployment is fast, easy and trouble-free by way of a BI modular architecture: one central database system, one agent service per each managed file server and one web-based system console.

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