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Data Rover™ is an advanced corporate storage and user data management solution, allowing administrators to get a full understanding on the behaviour and evolution of the organization.

Data Rover™ allows IT Administrators to keep a step ahead of out-of-date and inefficient methods by instead using intelligent and advanced storage management policies that are adjusted to any size of organization, including multi-domain environments. Data Rover™ allows one to understand and categorize what data your users have stored in the corporate filers. Additionally, Data Rover™ associates and aligns this knowledge with the user’s roles in the organization, thus providing the appropriate information to the right user. Consequently, this invokes the user to participate in self-management and conform to the desired corporate policies.

Customizable Corporate Storage policies are based upon:

  • Duplicated files, header-based

  • Abandoned and orphaned files

  • Old files

  • Prohibited file types, mime/header-based