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Taking important decisions on managing business and personal data can only be done when you have precise and detailed information.

Data Rover™ is the solution for managing and securing user-generated-data on any File System. At Data Rover  we give you state-of-the-art technology to explore unchartered data territories.

Data Rover™ is your vehicle to help you uncover the junk and examine valuable, and probably delicate, data information on your “Planet”, or in the Cloud!  With this knowledge and our expertise you have the power to decide and do.

Let us help you by discovering and taking full control over what you have... or, didn’t know you had! Let us also help you identify hidden threats within your organization and then define preventive measures against further vulnerability. Let us show you on how to keep an eye on user behavioral patterns.

Probing into data content and security

Data Rover™ bridges the gap between user data and content management, data security and infrastructure.

One really powerful dynamic solution for your business.

Data Rover™ is your vehicle to:

  • Understand what data you have, where it is, and who and when had access to it
  • Apply intelligent and advanced data management policies
  • Control and track user generated data and content
  • Achieve regulatory Compliance
  • Help enforce a “least privilege” model
  • Discover and fix insecure file access rules
  • Backtrack and identify and prevent data leakage and abnormal user behaviour
  • Screen the data that you allow into your organisation
  • Distinguish data types for legal compliance, governance, age, redundancy
  • Highlight the dark areas of your Business Data and take action
  • ... ultimately to be proud of your company and your work

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