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is all about data governance.

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Data Rover™ Advanced early warning and prevention system

Your file system contains critical business data and sensitive information that is the fruit of thousands of hours of work.

A data theft, loss and corruption if left unprotected leads to downtime and service disruption. Downtime is extremely costly not just from the technical point of view but undoubtedly has a huge business impact.

The only solution is to take control by protecting and administering the user’s activities on the file systems. Data Rover™ offers advanced easily-generated security reports to CISOs and CTOs.

Auditing tools let you react, but not prevent.

Data Rover™ is more than an Auditing Tool.

Auditing tells you what was done and when… That’s toooo late. The bad guy has run off with the crown jewels and you find out about it only after the fact was done!

You need Data Rover™ before to prevent such occurrence ever happening.

Data Rover™ calculates all ACL levels and tells you the Exact and True Effective Permissions a file or folder has. There is absolutely no other way to get this information other than by using our solution.

True Effective Permissions

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Are you absolutely sure that the information given to you by Explorer's "Effective Permissions" represents the maximum allowed rights for a User or Group? If your answer is NO, you should read further on and, instead of worrying, take action! By calculating the set ACLs at all levels, Data Rover™ can easily tell you the Exact and True Effective Permissions applied to a file or a folder.

Do you already have an Auditing Tool? Consider that auditing tools are just made to log activities, not to analyze them in different contexts. This means you won't be able to get the true effective permissions a User has on a file or folder, just to know that the User has accessed or removed a file.

Data Rover™ automates and actively does the process of security analysis and permission reporting. It provides a scalable and cost-effective way of managing network data resources across the organization.

Data Rover™ is a structured system tool designed to make it easy for you to:

  • Analyze your file servers and shared file systems
  • Check and track file system permissions
  • Gain valuable knowledge on your business critical servers and data

Centralized control of True Effective Permissions on any managed File System.

Centralized control of Users Access grants on any managed File System.

Identification of inconsistent or dangerous ACL.

Time-shift technology to navigate back to ANY past ACL and file version.

Monitoring changes and activities on folders and files.

“User eyes” explorer of folders and files based on our intuitive Treeview interface.

Full traceability across the time of orphaned and abandoned files.

Data Rover™  has information related to corporate data that the customer doesn’t have or even think about, by using that information the customer can:

  • Define its data governance policy
  • Define and implement data integrity controls
  • Implement and control its regulatory compliance policies (GDPR, SOX, ….)
  • Identify and quantify/qualify data-related risks *
  • Develop and implement data-related risks remediation actions *

* important for ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 Risk Management requirements

Time-shift Technology

Did you ever need to know who the owner of a file is, or was?

What happens if a confidential Company file were to be moved to a new path? Would you able to track it and move it back to its original position and secure it?

Data Rover™
tracks ALL file changes in time and keeps differential records of both File System and Security Objects.

Data Rover™
Time-shift Technology allows you to navigate across time to analyze file and folder properties. Just select the date and see your file system point-in-time report!

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