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Dark Data - what is it?

Dark Data is operational data that is not being used or shouldn’t be there. Consulting and market research company Gartner Inc. describes dark data as "information assets that organizations collect, process and store in the course of their regular business activity, but generally fail to use for other purposes".

In today’s business regulations and legislation IT administrators are neither legally allowed to open files to verify their content, nor delete user files from the corporate storage. However, it is widely agreed that as much as 60% of the files that are in the corporate SAN, NAS or Windows file servers are often non-useful business data.  Always one finds personal files, old files , duplicate files, orphaned files and so on. So, how do organizations manage this issue?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies waste valuable resource time in manually cleaning up the filers periodically only to find a few weeks or months later the problem is persistently returning.

"To be on the leading edge you need to be aware and in control"

Why do we need to rid of the Dark Data?

Because it not only generates a definite business threath,
but it is also a clear waste on infrastructure