The probe has landed!

Data Rover™ is the “vehicle” we started building the year the infamous Martian Rover Curiosity landed on Mars. Our Data Rover™, like all rovers, has a scientific mission to accomplish. Go over the terrain, collect the data, and determine if the environment we are in is safe and hospitable!

Data Rover™ delivers the answers to all those questions and actively prevents recurrence. Not only will you be in control but you will also save substantially, starting from your resource management to being able to invest far better in optimizing your security and business development. With our solution we guarantee you will gain Knowledge and Power! Let us help you.

Data Rover™ knowledge + Data Rover™ software + Data Rover™ brand
Next Generation Business Data Control

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Managing any organization requires having insight and control. Without the right data-crunching tools and expert business-support you are in the dark and prone to what destiny offers.
It really does not matter neither how big, nor how mature, your organization is … the issue of trusting who is working for you and where and what user data you have is becoming ever more important and problematic to manage.
Ask any company how much of this growing data in their company is actually pertinent to corporate profitability and is decisive in maintaining the leading edge? Our business data… is it really secure? Who has, or had access to what and when is obviously of concern. Are we able to backtrack and identify leakage or abnormal user behaviour? Are we able to distinguish between data types; legal compliance; governance, age and duplicate versions; or redundant and trivial data; and, ultimately can we define the “ DARK DATA” and ” DARK SECURITY” across the organization and rid ourselves of it?!

Why do we need to rid ourselves of DARK DATA and DARK SECURITY…?

Because it not only generates a definite business threat, but is also a clear waste on infrastructure.



Data Rover™ is not just to pick out the bad stuff! We help you to identify where the really productive departments and users are. With this extremely valuable information we give you insight into where the organization would welcome focused investment. With Data Rover we highlight not just the weak areas but also the strong ones too. Knowledge is Power!